UKI is excited to announce the launch of our brand new tournament,

The International Challenge Event (I.C.E.)

Why the International Challenge Event?

To help elevate the standards of dog agility in North America and foster growth on the international agility stage. This event will allow the experience of running on courses designed by exceptional international judges, picked specifically for this event, who judge at the WAO, EO or AWC.

What makes this event stand out?

  • Euro style courses on full sized international ring sizes (all rings are a minimum of 130'x75')
  • 10 select events across North America in 2024, hosted by experienced UKI show managers running alongside regular UKI trials.
  • International I.C.E. winners gain a place into the 2025 1-TDC North American Invitational as well as a bye into Rd 2 of both the UKI Nationals at the US Open & Canadian Opens. (note: No byes are available for the WCO as no class at WCO can support this amount of potential byes)
  • Rookie I.C.E. winners receive the Rd 2 byes AND also can choose to automatically move up their dog to the Champ UKI level.

What to expect:

  • An Agility and a Jumping course combined, with the least faults and fastest time producing the winners.
  • Two Levels with 2 separate course designs aimed at the 2 levels - 'International' for the Senior & Champ dogs and 'Rookie' for the Beginners & Novice dogs.
  • Exposure to European-style course running directly from renowned International judges
  • A platform for competitive growth in the international agility community
  • Full rule details clearly listed in the events' premiums.

2024 I.C.E. Dates




7 - 9 June

The Bay Team, Prundale, CA

Nic Jones (EO 2024 judge)

8 June

PACE Edmonton, AB, Canada

Neil Ellis (EO 2024 judge)

12 - 14 July

Riverside Canine, North Kingsdown, RI

Martin Cavill (EO 2024 judge)

19 - 21 July

Dog Gone Fun, Magnolia, TX

Bonnik Berthelsen (WAO 2024 judge)

27 - 28 July

Heart of the Rockies, Salida, CO

Jan Egil Eide (WAO 2024 judge)

3 - 4 August

B&D, Creekside Latrobe, PA

Natalie Webb (WAO 2024 judge)

10 - 11 August

PHD, Jerseyville, ON Canada

Daniel Walz (EO 2024 judge)

16 - 18 August

Full Speed Ahead, Tiger, GA

Rene Blank (AWC 2024 judge)

24 - 25 August

Bad Ass, Kaysville, UT

Esa Muotka (AWC 2024 judge)

14 September

Zanee, Auburn, WA

Sascha GrĂ¼nder (EO 2024 judge)





Coming Soon!