2023 US Open RV Information

US Open RV Spot Requests will open on Friday March 24 on this page and will stay open for 7 days. There is no need to apply immediately on opening; timing of receipt does NOT affect what spot you get.


The following is the schedule for requests for US Open RV Spots for 2023.

  • US Open Dates – Wednesday November 15 2023 – Sunday November 19th 2023
  • US Open RV Dates – Tuesday 14th November 2023  at 11 am through 11am  Monday 20th November 2023
  • RV Request form opens – Friday March 24 2023 (for 7 days).
  • RV Request form Closes – Friday March 31 2023
  • We commit to announce who has been been allocated  spots no later than April 30th 2023.  Payments for all spots will be due within 14 days of spot being offered.

Registration Process

Modelled the same as the 2022 US Open RV Process. EVERYONE REQUIRING an RV Spot will need to fill out a RV Request form.

This form will be available from March 24th – March 31st 2023 on this site. There is no need to be the first one to enter, because timing of application does not affect who gets what space.

All applications will be received and, using a Random Number Generator, a number will be assigned to all forms.

In the month of April all forms will be assigned spots based on this Random Number Generator.

At the 2022 US Open there were people who gave up their spots for other attendees, because they were not going to be able to make it. In exchange for doing that, those spots will be guaranteed a powered spot first.

The list of Pre-Approved Power list can be found here.

IF you are on this list you STILL must fill out a request for a spot. If you do not fill out a request for a spot you will not get one

RV Spot Prices

  • $400 –  50 Amp Water and Sewer
  • $325 – 50 Amp Water NO SEWER
  • $350  – 30 Amp Water and Sewer
  • $300  – 110 Volt with Water NO SEWER (Barn Spots)
  • $200  – Primitive NO Power, NO Water and NO Sewer

All Spots cover the time frame of Tuesday 14th November 2023  at 11 am through 11am Monday 20th November 2023.  You cannot purchase less or partial times. Early arrival is available starting on Sunday 12 Nov at $50 per day. You can stay through Tuesday 21st Nov 2023 for an extra $50.

We will announce the process for requesting dates earlier and/or after the event, after assignments for spots are in place.


For RV Spots that DO NOT have Sewer, there is a location on site that you can move your RV to and pump it out. For those who do not want to move, we will be working with an external company to provide Pumpout services. More on this after spots are assigned.

Cancellation Policy

In the event a competitor wishes to cancel their RV reservation for any reason, the following will apply as soon as payment has been received:

  • Cancellation before 1st August 2023 for any reason, you will receive a 75% refund.
  • Cancelation after 1st August 2023 for any reason, you will received a 50% refund.
  • No refunds for any reason will be available after 15th October.

RV Spot Types:

  • Powered Spots
    • All powered spots are marked on the maps. All include water but not all spots include sewer.
  • Primitive Spots
    • For people who have purchased a Primitive spot, we have decided this year to not assign actual spots but instead allow all people in primitive to park anywhere in the assigned primitive areas. Those assigned primitive areas can be seen in the map sections. Once a spot is chosen, we will come by periodically and check your spot to verify it and to approve the spot. (This is to make sure that you are not in a low area, or stopping traffic.) Please see the maps section below that covers the primitive areas. If you need us to come by earlier please text or call at 678-427-6180 Keith Landers
  • Barn Spots
    • These are spots up against the side of the Barns. Each spot is approximately 30 feet long (give or take). We are using 110 power outlets from the barn. This is NOT enough to run a AC. There is water as well there. It is suggested that you bring 2 x 100 foot extension cords enabling you to get power from Multiple segments. If you run  something too big you will likely blow the breaker. The site does not include pumpout but you can sign up for pumpout or move when you need to pumpout.

RV Preliminary Maps (These maps and info may change as we get closer to the event


If you have any questions about the RV Process, please review all the information about and then if you still have a question email the RV manager, Keith Landers at mail@keithlanders.com or call 678-427-6180.