Why UKI?

There are so many reasons why over 11,000 competitors have chosen to compete at UKI shows. Look below to see just a few…

Here’s our favourite 25 reasons why 11,000+ competitors have chosen UK Agility International…
New to UKI? Transfer your dogs over to their equivalent level currently competing at.
UKI has well balanced jump heights to allow for good distribution of all breeds to participate in UKI competitions: 8”, 12”, 16”, 20”, 22”, 24”
UKI offers the Select Jump height option for those who feel their dogs are better off jumping one height lower than their measured height division, no spread jumps and a lowered A frame.
Train in the ring. Take the whole course time to train your dog on your choice of sequence or equipment and rewarding with a non-food and non-audible toy inside the ring.
For dogs who are only motivated by food, shows can offer food reward areas adjacent the ring where handlers can run and reward their dogs during training runs.
Repeat and Move On option for competition runs where a handler may choose to repeat an obstacle for the sake of giving the dog another chance to meet criteria. They then may continue to run the remainder of the course.
All judges’ course plans checked by UKI to ensure compliance to rules and suitability for level.
No judging of “up” contacts so dogs with longer stride are not discriminated against.
North America’s most proactive organization regarding dog safety. First to ban collapsible tunnel and introduce barn door style breakaway tire, disallowing taped weave poles, and requiring tunnel securing speculations.
Qualifiers for the prestigious US Open and Canadian Open where any level dog may compete.
Prize money for Masters Series Heats and Final.
Tournament Style events of Classics and Cups gaining international competitive style experience and awarding places into Finals at the Opens.
Online entry available for most show, without charge.
A $12 dog registration includes online entry processing and tracking of results for level points for your dog’s titles, for life.
Most UKI trials offer pay on the day entries or late entries.
UKI shows offer dogs, at every level, usually a minimum of 4 runs per day.
4 levels allow you and your dog to compete against your peers on courses designed specifically with your abilities in mind.
Progress up the levels through points in two Programs: Performance (Agility, Jumping and Games) and Steeplechase.
Next day move up rules means no waiting to continue with progression so no wasting entry money on runs that “don’t count”.
Besides earning titling awards, Outstanding Achievement Awards can be achieved by acquiring points throughout the dog’s trialing career.
As soon as the results are uploaded to the UKI web site, Title Certificates are automatically emailed to you so you can celebrate you and your dog’s success.
Nursery and Veterans classes available at most shows for young, inexperienced and older dogs.
Dogs may start competing at 15 months in Nursery and Steeplechase.
UKI is a competitor friendly organization responding to competitor feedback.
Opportunity to compete internationally in the World Agility Open via win on spots at the Canadian and US Open events.