New member?

Use the table below to determine your dog(s) UKI level when you register with UKI.

New Registered Handlers Only

Use highest standard agility currently competing in at time of handler registration.



UKI Speedstakes


Novice & Open/Int. Starters Level 1-4 Beginners SS Beginners
Excellent Advanced Level 5 Novice SS Novice
Masters Masters Level C Senior SS Senior
MACH/AgMCH ADCH/ ATChC N/A Champion SS Champion


Already a UKI Member?

Any new dog you register must compete at the level they’d be eligible for at the date of YOUR membership.

For example if you registered in Jan 2016, a new dog you register at a later date would only transfer at the level it was working at in Jan 2016. If they had no experience at that time, then they would start in the Beginner Level.

Already a UKI Member and have a Champ Level dog registered to you?

Any new dog you register that would compete at the Beginner level, but you have a dog registered to you that is in Champ level, then your new dog would start in the Novice level.

Already a UKI Member, but there have not been local trials in your area for at least 4 months?

Local means the area covered within a 100 miles of your location. Please check with the UKI office to determine if you can enter your dog at a higher level due to the lack of trials in your area.

Programs and Progression

UKI supports two Programs, The International Program and The Speedstakes Program, which enable dogs to progress up the levels of the Programs by gathering the required total of points set per level. Points are awarded on the basis of wins and class placements that are qualifying rounds. Points are also awarded for clear rounds that are not placed. No points will be received for placements with time or course faults.

A clear round or qualifying round (“Q”) is obtained by accumulating no course or time faults under the standard course time (SCT).
The following table shows the placements and points awarded in the International and Speedstakes Programs based upon number of entries in the class:

Class Places and Points

Class Place 1-10 entered 11-30 entered 31 and above
1st 6 points 12 points Refer to following
2nd 5 points 8 points Refer to following
3rd 4 points 7 points Refer to following
4th 4 points 5 points Refer to following table
Clear Round 4 points 4 points Refer to following table


Points for Classes of 31 and above

Class Placement 1st 2nd 3rd 4th  5th  6th  7th  8th  9th  10th  Clear Round 
Points 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 4 4


The number of entries in a class shall be determined by the number originally entered in each class and not based on how many ran or didn’t run. Therefore, if a class had 12 entered in the class but only 9 ran, the points for 1st place would still be 12 points. However if due to move ups and/or late entries where more dogs run than on the ring plan and this changes the points schedule, then the higher level points scheme will be used.

Both Programs offer the opportunity for dogs to be awarded Titles once they have progressed to the next level through either the process of collecting points or through winning classes.

UKI International Program

This program allows your dog to achieve titles and progress up the Levels by gaining level points for clear rounds in a culmination of Agility, Jumping & Games Classes.

UKI Speedstakes Program

This program allows your dog to achieve titles and progress up the Levels by gaining level points for clear rounds only in Speedstakes.

The charts below show the points needed to progress to the next level.