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Course Approval

We accept courses for course approval in Smarter Agility Designer and Course Designer 4 (previously Clean Run Course Designer).

Global Judging Program

Global judging is a revolutionary exciting new program which will give you the opportunity to enhance your agility judging credentials.

UKI recommends the Global Judging Program to all our judges.

Presented by two of the most distinguished and respected judges and agility handlers from the UK, Greg Derrett and Lee Gibson, the Global Judging Program (GJP) will help maximise learning and development of your vital judging skills that stretch far further than the confines of the ring rope.

GJP is designed by judges, for judges. It is comprised of many separate learning areas and modules, in course design, judging position, safety and even social media training!

 Lasting two full days, the GJP seminar works with its students through comprehensive modules that have been designed to help give a greater understanding of the factors that help make a good judge, into an excellent one.

A follow up GJP day and set of rigorous assessments determine which judges become full approved GJP judges and which judges become affiliate judges.

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