Want to run a UKI Trial?

Are you a club, training center or individual interested in hosting a UKI trial? You just need a date, location, approved agility equipment, UKI judge and event liability insurance. Please fill out the application and send it into us to get started.

As a UKI Show Manager, not only will you benefit from our good name, thorough rules and regulations, prestigious qualifiers and more; you can rely on our experience, expertise and support.


By choosing UKI you are providing your group/club and competitors with a very attractive alternative to other shows.  Please see our “Why UKI?” page for all the fantastic benefits UKI can offer competitors over other agility organisations.

All you need to do to host a UKI event is:

  • Decide on the date (to be approved by UKI to avoid clashes)
  • Identify and book the venue
  • Appoint Judges and key helpers

Support from UKI:

When you host your first UKI show, this is what you will get from us:

  • Online or postal show entry for your competitors
  • Entry processing of online entries
  • Assistance with the show premium, ring plan and confirmation letter
  • Capping limit – The number of entrants is determined by the size of the venue and/or amount of help you have, making for an easily managed show while still allowing four + runs per dog.
  • A management pack with letter and form templates for your use
  • Support and advice from the UKI team throughout the show preparation
  • All qualifying results from your show are recorded and will be displayed on the internet and available to be tracked by the competitor
Please download and complete the attached application form to start the process of hosting a UKI trial. We’d love to hear from you.