The 2022 UKI US Open will take place from the 9th to 13th November 2022 at Jacksonville Equestrian Center, Florida.

The event is Open to all dogs and all handlers and there is no qualification necessary to enter.

Focusing solely on dog agility, The UKI US Open is the pinnacle of UKI shows each year.

Dogs will be showcasing their agility abilities in Agility, Jumping, Speedstakes and Games classes.

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All about the UKI US Open Venue

Jacksonville Equestrian Center is eighty acres of paradise in Jacksonville, Florida. This exceptional multi-purpose facility is conveniently located with access from major interstates I-10 & I-295. A new undercover building for our 2021 event improves the facility even further.
The short drive to beautiful beaches, exciting downtown Jacksonville & historical St. Augustine, make Jacksonville Equestrian Center
an event location that is more like a vacation!

YOur 2022 UKI US Open Judges.

Judge assignments will be announced by early spring.

Ashley Anderson

I grew up riding ponies and competing in eventing, and started obedience training and competing with my Golden Retriever by age 8. I discovered agility training in the mid 90s, and bought my first Border Collie in 2002. Since then, I’ve competed in agility with 5 other Border Collies, earning multiple championship titles, national placements, and I’ve represented Team USA in international championships. My current dogs are McFlurry, age 9, and More! age 5.

I began judging agility in 2012, and began judging UKI agility in 2015. I love designing courses for big spaces, and to allow dogs to really open up and run. I strive to create fun lines for the dogs while challenging the skills of the handler.

When not judging, teaching, or competing in agility, I work full time as a Veterinary Technician. I enjoy traveling with my dogs, hiking with my dogs, and in general just hanging out with my dogs!

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A. Deacon pic
Ashley Deacon

I have had a lifelong love of dogs, which started as a child in the North of England with the family pet, Patch, a hooligan Jack Russell Terrier. Patch was an accomplished escape artist and I always took on the responsibility of chasing him down on his escapades through the neighborhood, luring him in with cookies and returning him home. These early dog “training” experiences kindled a desire to own a well behaved and obedient dog and particularly one that didn’t continually seek to run away!

After finishing college I emigrated to the USA, where I have lived for the last 20+ years. In 2002, I decided the time was right to own a dog. After doing much research I settled on an obscure French herding breed, the Pyrenean Shepherd. I was attracted by their natural intelligence, smallish size and rustic appearance. I was mainly looking for a biddable hiking and running companion that I could train. Just before Thanksgiving 2002, Luka arrived on a Continental flight from Cleveland to San Francisco. This dog changed my life forever. Luka was not a very confident or outgoing puppy, but she loved the training routine and this helped her confidence grow. After 1 year of obedience classes we discovered agility through some friends and started to take weekly agility classes. The rest, as they say, is history…

Together Luka and I competed for 9+ years and during that time we won numerous national championships. In 2009,  Luka and I helped the USA Medium dog team take a silver medal at the FCI World Championships in Dornbirn, Austria. In 2011, we were selected as members of the 2011 AKC World Team, which competed at the FCI World Championships in Liévin, France. Luka celebrated her 9th birthday at the event by winning the individual gold medal, with the highest combined score over the jumping and standard agility rounds, she also took 1st place in the standard agility round to seal the gold medal. Luka is no longer with us, but I have been competing more recently with my 2nd pyrenean shepherd, Dash.

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area with my wife, Stacey and two children Rory (4 years old) and Liam (14 years old). I have been coaching agility since 2010 and hold weekly classes at ACE Dog Sports in San Francisco. Over the last 2 years, I have been judging local UKI events. I enjoy designing flowing fun courses that blend speed with handling challenges.

To view a sample of Ashley’s courses, click here.

Kim Schaefer

Kim stumbled upon Agility almost 20 years ago and shortly thereafter began competing. She currently competes with her Border Collies and token Miniature American Shepherd. In 2016 she decided to take on the challenge of becoming a UKI judge and has enjoyed judging for the organization ever since.

She is thrilled to have been given the opportunity to judge the US Open for the second year in a row and can’t wait to head back to Florida in November!

To view a sample of Kim’s courses, click here.

Shane Miller

By day, I am a mild-mannered Unified Communications Engineer, but by night I am an agility competitor, instructor, and judge. I have been competing in agility since 2009 when I started with my Rottweiler, Kalil, before moving to Belgian Malinois in 2011 which I and my wife now have 4 of.


Despite only competing in agility for a short amount of time, I have jammed a lifetime’s worth of experience as a competitor with my Malinois, Luna. We have a wealth of intentional experience for many different Team USAs over the past 5 years. In 2018, I wanted to experience the other side of agility competitions so I became a judge for UKI. I wanted to try and bring course designs that I had a ton of fun running in Europe to the USA where I felt there was limited opportunity to do so. So far it has been a whirlwind experience and I am glad I took the leap.


I am excited to take my judging to the next level and see the best teams in the country run in a ring at the US Open with me as a judge.


To view samples of Shanes courses,  click here.

Aaron Froude

Aaron Froude, originally from Newfoundland and currently living in New Brunswick Canada, has been competing in agility since 2010, and became a UKI judge in 2014.
Aaron is an agility coach with FlatOut Dogs, with students across the globe, and was WAO Team Canada coach for 2018 & 2019.
Aaron has judged all across Canada, from local trials, numerous UKI Cup events, and the UKI Canadian Open in 2018. He also completed the Global Judging Program in early 2020, receiving his International Judging Accreditation.
He is super excited and honored to be invited to judge at the 2022 US Open!
To view a sample of Aaron’s courses, click here.



Rosanne pic
Rosanne Wesemann

I have been involved in dog agility since 1993, competing in national events here in the US since 1997 and competing internationally at various events around Europe and the UK since 2010. I attended the inaugural World Agility Open in 2011 and won the 55cm biathlon with my border collie Drifter.

I decided to become a judge for UKI in 2018, with my primary goal being to learn to craft the types of courses I wanted to run myself. Having experience previously judging for another organization, and competing overseas in multiple venues, I hope to use that knowledge to create large, fun, fast, yet challenging courses for competitors to test their skills on. My goal is that even if a competitor doesn’t run clean, they should walk off the course having enjoyed attempting to master it. I very much look forward to my first year judging at the US Open!

To view a sample of Roseanne’s courses, click here.



Pic 2
Mike Wagner
Standby Judge

This year I’m a Standby Judge. That means you will either see me in the ring with you and watching everything you and your dog does, or I will be in the ring competing against you. Entry numbers will decide which one of those will happen for me. Either way, I’m excited for the UKI US Open 2022!

My dog sports include; Agility, Herding, and Obedience and I have been doing Agility since 1994. My first agility dog was a Siberian Husky, and my other dog, which I was doing herding with was a Border Collie. I thought to myself, why not try the herding dog in agility? Now almost 30 years later, Janet and I have had 12 Border Collies.

I have been judging for almost 20 years, including National and Regional events. My favorite thing about judging is traveling around the country and visiting with old and new friends. My second favorite thing about judging, is watching the different methods and techniques handlers use to attack the courses and figure out its challenges.

I continue to participate in seminars with the world’s top handlers to continue my education as a handler. Not only does my handling benefit, so do my course designs as I learn more and more about dogs’ paths and the challenges that I can offer on or near those paths.

I hope you all enjoy this year’s US Open!